Day 5 SOL Challenge-Minimalizing

I watched a documentary on HBO about minimalism and was truly inspired.  It wasn’t so much the idea of living with bare minimal but the idea that we are mistaken when we feel an abundance of material things will somehow bring us more happiness.

I set out the next day and cleaned out the clutter, the excess.  I still have a ton in true minimalist terms, don’t get me wrong.  But getting rid of that little bit of extra really did change me.  It’s been about a month and I truly do feel liberated.  My home is more organized. There is less wasted time looking for things.  And I can just focus on being happy.

So now I’ve started to think about how I can mentally become a minimalist.  How can I not clutter my mind with wasted worries?  How can I train myself to only fill myself with ideas and thoughts I value?  This is much more difficult than cleaning a closet!

Time will tell, but I already know making this change is something that needs to be done and that I value.




5 thoughts on “Day 5 SOL Challenge-Minimalizing

  1. If only we realized this before we bought all of ‘the stuff’. I am doing the same thing-purging ‘dust collectors’ as my son calls them.


  2. What a thought provoker! I write down everything in a bullet journal which allows me to remove some of the clutter, but to only carry thoughts you value….that is truly a wonderful idea!


  3. This is brilliant- I need this in my life! I love how you are exploring making the jump from cutting the physical clutter to the clutter in your mind. Thank you for sharing this…I’m hoping it will inspire me to cut back!


  4. Wow! This sounds powerful. I think I need to do this too. We clear out bit by bit, but I bet it would feel great to let it all loose! 🙂 I’m intrigued about being a mental minimalist. How would you go about this?


    1. I’m thinking something like jotting down what you value and anything you’re spending too much time worrying about that doesn’t align with your values, training yourself to let the thoughts go. Perhaps some meditation!


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