SOL Challenge Day 4: The Zoo

The zoo inside my brain has opened and the animals are running loose.

The boa found his way to my heart and is wrapped around it firmly.

The gorilla sends vibrations through my head as he beats his chest so loudly.

I tell the alligator to keep my jaw clenched tight, for if he doesn’t I fear who I may bite.

And just when I think the whale will spout his tidal wave of tears.

They all decide to simmer down and suddenly disappear.


2 thoughts on “SOL Challenge Day 4: The Zoo

  1. An explosion of emotions here! It was so interesting – using wild animals to create this piece. I love the way you connect head and heart, making me think of of all the emotions we experience when something really good or bad happens, something very exciting or amazing, or something that angers us to the core. A great read!


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