5 AM

There’s something inviting about the calm of five a.m.  I enjoy noticing every creak of the floorboards as I tip toe my way to the kitchen.  I enjoy turning on just enough light to measure out the heaps of coffee grinds to start the day.  There’s something so peaceful about the whirring of the dryer as I turn it on to release the last few waiting wrinkles.  I plop myself onto the soft cushions of the sofa in the back room and take a deep breathe, hold it in for a moment and slowly exhale.

My breathe is new and warm and full.  I sit as still as I can, legs crisscrossed, and taking another large inhale, close my eyes and strain my ears to listen.  Listen for what the quiet sounds like.  Listen for the steam rising from the freshly made coffee.  The rumble of the furnace starting its day.  The chipmunks rustling through the bushes for their breakfast munch.  And at last the sound of “mama” through the adjoining wall beckoning me.  I smile softly and begin the bustle of the rest of the day.




3 thoughts on “5 AM

  1. Love the appeal to all the senses! I am inspired to rise very early tomorrow and just take in all the sounds, smells, sights. I think I’ll take the Corgis for a walk. Great post. My favorite is about the whir of the dryer to release the last few wrinkles. I enjoyed this piece so much, I reread it three times!


  2. I enjoyed your description of those few moments of rest and silence in the day. I always wished I could be a better morning person so I could get up in the morning and not be frantically getting ready. It sounds so nice!


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