New Start, Endless Possibilities

Last year I served as a literacy coach in Sussex-Wantage School District in New Jersey which was an incredible learning experience as it was my first year coaching.  There were ups and downs and in reflecting, I learned more from that experience than any other professional experience I’ve ever had.  I firmly believe it was this experience that allowed me the opportunity to come back home to the district I taught in, now as an instructional coach, and I am BEYOND thrilled to be doing so!

My new role is slightly different because it will not only be literacy rather I will be focusing on the needs of basic skills and gifted students, while also working with teachers to hone in on best practices of instruction for all learners that can be present in any given classroom.  I am proud and honored to be part of a district that is continuously reflecting and working on enhancing the academic opportunities it provides.

My goal in creating this site is to develop a community of educators that I can go to for advice and gain a greater perspective on what I’m doing and what other educators are doing to improve instructional practices.  The greatest honor would be for me to be able to do the same for others.  Coaching can be a more solitary role than a classroom teacher, and I am fortunate to have three other coaches in my cohort to work with.  Nonetheless, coaching is still a relatively new concept, and I believe that using technology and social media can be an excellent way to continue my own professional development through learning from each of you!

So may I take this opportunity to wish all of you a wonderful 2016-2017 school year that challenges you to push your limits and allows you to breath in the fresh air of the endless possibilities!  Remember why you got into this profession-because you love kids and you love seeing that spark in their eye. Even on the hardest days, never forget that.


One thought on “New Start, Endless Possibilities

  1. Good luck with your new position. This will be our second year with instructional coaches. Last year was a learning curve as most of us had no idea how or what to do with them. Luckily we had 6 so that had each other to bounce ideas off of.

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