SOL: Spring Rain

I felt myself becoming aware of the darkness around me and the low rumbles from distant places.  Although my mind was just waking and adjusting to the idea of being up, I began to visualize what the sky may look like if I could manage to open my eyes and peer out the window.  I could imagine the electric energy glisten through the clouds.  Not the fierce streaks or bolts of lightning that some storms bring.  I could tell just by the consistent grumble of the thunder that it would be the type of lightning that just glows from around the edges of the night sky.

One…two…three….I laughed as I caught myself counting to see how far away the storm was and soon realizing that I hadn’t made that leap to actually opening my eyes so I couldn’t possibly know when the lightning came to start counting for the thunder.  With that came the slow plinks of rain hitting the metal of the air conditioning unit.  Or was it small pieces of hail?  As it picked up in intensity I could tell that, yes, this was in fact something more dense then the fragility of rain.

As I lay there I contemplated opening my eyes to check the time and calculate how many more precious minutes of slumber I had.  But that was when I felt the pressure of my husband’s shifting body and realized it was much nicer to take in the calming noises of the storm, snuggle up in the warmth of my bed and drift back into sleep-for however long that may be.


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