SOL Day 8:Fearless

At what point do we become fearful?  I wondered this exact question as I sprawled out on the couch-exhausted, reflecting on the several times that day my 18 month old daughter risked her own life without even knowing it.  Attempting to dart down the front brick steps, attempting to dash up the stone walkway in the backyard, scaling the furniture until she was on top of the couch.  I watched her energy and excitement for every new experience with admiration and trepidation at the same time.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that a small part of my inner being felt warmed by the vague remembering of how this wonderment felt.


4 thoughts on “SOL Day 8:Fearless

  1. Such a good question…I wonder that often myself. As a teacher it is so hard to see kids become aware of their fears, but as you said, when around children you also are reminded of the the fearlessness that comes with youth!


  2. This is a great question. Some fears are good, protecting us, but then there are those that hinder us. I think there could be a whole series of slices about how, when and why we learn fear.


  3. Very thought-provoking. I always cringe when my third graders walk up to someone swinging a bat or stand on the top of the monkey bars. They look at me like I’m very old when I tell them they are making me nervous. Ahhh, youth…


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