SOL Day 6: Awakening

The sound was reminiscent of the rustling bag of chips  I became accustomed to throughout the winter, but this filled my soul in a way food could never do.  My fingers became stained with nature’s pallet as they rustled through the bushes and dirt to fish out the remaining leaves that had escaped being bagged in the fall.

I enhaled deeply and tried to imagine a comparison that would do justice to describe the richness of nature’s smell.  Although it wasn’t a terrible winter my body yearned for more warm days ahead, and as I worked I daydreamed about the haven this yard would be for my family and me in the sun filed days ahead.


3 thoughts on “SOL Day 6: Awakening

  1. Nice post. I could smelt he dirt and hear the back of chips as the hand was going in and out. I would love to see more of this particular piece when you finish it. Thanks for the read.


  2. Oooo, you’re giving me the gardening itch! So descriptive and so right on target — I know exactly what you’re talking about!

    We begin next weekend!

    Thank you!


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